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At Cavale, quality is a daily commitment. This is why we have decided to work only from Italian calfskin, thus guaranteeing the best quality of leather, with a material that is soft to the touch, with great flexibility.

We carefully choose each material with great attention to detail.

Our pieces are all made entirely by hand, in small series. Each is unique and marked with great delicacy.


Concerned with reducing the environmental footprint of our pieces, we work in vegetable or organic tanning for each of our leathers.

Our commitment extends to our packaging, in particular by favoring 100% recycled or unbleached cotton - without dye.

The choice of 100% European production is also essential at Cavale.


Because we know that you run more and more in your crazy days, we offer you partners for life, who will follow you in all your desires.

Our models are designed to adapt to these moments of adventure in your daily life in their singularity.

Cavale is also the desire to be as close as possible to your needs and to constantly evolve towards the most accomplished pieces.